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The Location

Immenhagen is located in the protected landscape area of "The Holsteinische Schweiz". In the middle of the park, twelve holiday apartments are housed in the original barn building. If the apple orchard in the west offers apples, plums and pears, the garden chess in the south invites you to reflect and idle. In the east, the grotto with its launch furniture and swivel grill invites you to chill out.

There are only fields, meadows and forests around Immenhagen. Great bike tours can be started from here. It is 500 m to the next neighbor and from there it goes to the Krummsee with a refreshing bathing place or to the Kellersee. Here we offer our kayak or canoe. If you want to sail just ask about the pirate. Don't worry, that's just the name of the boat type.


Immenhagen was built in 1962 by the Rixen family as a farm with livestock. In the 1970s, construction of holiday apartments began in order to maintain the business. Agriculture was stopped completely in 1974 and the stable building was expanded to include twelve holiday apartments. Five hotel rooms were also created in today's residential building. In 2014 the Landhaus Rixen was taken over by the Kipp family and was given the name "Immenhagen" holiday apartments.

From Tennis up to Paddling

We offer many leisure activities on Immenhagen. No matter whether you indulge in idleness on a lounger in the garden, exercise your head in garden chess or work off your body on the tennis court. Here is a list of all leisure activities:

tennis on your own court eBike and bicycle rental garden chess kayak and Canadian sailboat (pirate) table tennis and table football Grilling & chilling out

Twelve Appartments

We have twelve holiday apartments for one to four people on offer for your vacation. Each apartment has its own name, its own little story and is furnished accordingly. When you arrive, the beds are already made and there are fresh towels in the shower room. Depending on the size of the apartment, they are equipped with a pantry or a full kitchen. All apartments have a terrace or balcony. The apartments on the ground floor have no thresholds and some are partially suitable for wheelchair users.

All apartments are medially equipped with a flat screen TV, a small stereo system and W-LAN. The W-LAN will be available on the entire property in 2021 and will be connected to the Internet via a fast fiber optic connection. On request, we can block access for individual devices.


We collected footage from 2015 to 2017 and our first image film was finished in 2018. In two and a half minutes, it gives you an impression of the landscape around Immenhagen and life on our holiday complex. A lot has changed since the film was made. Some animals no longer exist, but others have been added. The garden has also become more beautiful and now has a garden chess.