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Four eBikes for hire

Holstein Switzerland (Holsteinische Schweiz), the five lakes, the Probstei and the Wagriens region invite you to go on long bike tours. We have four eBikes for hire for this purpose. Together with the eBikes you will receive a bicycle helmet and a lock. Depending on the performance level, the range of the eBikes is between 40 km and 100 km. But even afterwards you can continue to drive as normal, just without motor assistance. All eBikes have a gear shift with 7 or 8 gears.

Or sporty pedaling.

We also have "normal" bicycles for hire. Our offer starts with children's bikes from 3 years and extends from youth bikes to adult bikes. Here we have two trekking bikes, two touring bikes and a mountain bike. All bikes have a gear shift with at least five gears.

Bike tours

The Holstein Switzerland Tourist Office has prepared 15 day tours between 25 and 61 km in length. The individual tours are also signposted in the landscape and you only need to follow the small pictogram. Here you can get to the tourism office's bike tours.