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Dear Guest

I am delighted that you will spend part of your vacation at Immenhagen with me, Andrea Kipp. The following general terms and conditions are intended to help us describe our contractual relationship in more detail. Please note that you accept these terms and conditions with your booking. "You" are the tenant or contractual partner in the sense of the terms and conditions. "I" am the landlord Andrea Kipp in terms of the terms and conditions.

Rental conditions

I rent holiday apartments according to § 535 BGB (rental contract) and expect to use them accordingly. In doing so, consideration must be given to the other holiday guests. Quiet hours must be observed between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. The holiday home must be treated with care. I am assuming normal use of the holiday home. Accordingly, the final cleaning is calculated based on the useful life. The holiday apartment must be left swept clean on departure. If the apartment is very dirty, I reserve the right to charge the additional expense.


I have decided to pay even more attention to the environment. I expect the same from my guests! This includes separating waste, composting, separating recyclable materials (glass and paper), respecting wildlife and avoiding environmental damage. In the event of gross violations, you agree to a chargeable repair of the damage.

Reservation and conclusion of the contract

Inquiries are purely informative for me and are not binding. A specific reservation is only the request to conclude a rental agreement. The reservation only becomes a binding rental agreement (booking) when the deposit or credit has been received on my account. Unless I receive another booking, I feel bound to a reservation for a maximum of five days. Of course I try to reach them first.

Booking through sales channels

If the booking is made through a sales channel or a tourist office, my general terms and conditions are supplemented by the terms and conditions of the respective agent or sales channel. If deviating regulations are specified in the supplementary terms and conditions, the more extensive or stricter regulations apply.


The price that is confirmed with the booking applies. The price refers to the services ordered. In addition, there may be services that are not ordered but are mandatory or that were used later, such as visitor's tax, overcrowding, final cleaning, pets, etc. These services are billed at the end of your holiday. Performance of the service I will make sure that you can use the holiday apartments you have booked. But I am also allowed to give you another holiday home of the same value. I also make sure that the leisure opportunities can be used by them. However, these are not part of the rental agreement.

Prices and payment

All prices are final prices including statutory VAT. With the booking (reservation) a deposit of 25% of the total price, but at least € 50.00, is due. If you wish, I will send you a booking confirmation. The remaining rent is due before moving into the holiday apartment. You have the option of paying this in cash or by debit EC card. I have decided not to accept credit cards.


Upon receipt of the key, the number of people who will spend their vacation in the apartment is determined. The price is calculated accordingly. Any further use of the holiday home must be agreed with me. In any case, I have the right to recalculate the usage fee for the services agreed in the booking.

Arrival and departure

Unless otherwise agreed in writing between you and me, the holiday apartment is available to you on the agreed day of arrival from 3:00 p.m. Please clarify with me the handover of the key before your arrival. I am happy if you have left the apartment by 10:30 a.m. on the day of departure. For a longer use of the holiday apartment from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., half the price is also due. If the apartment is used after 6 p.m., I charge the full price for the following day.


If life puts a spell on your holiday planning and you cannot move into the holiday home, no further costs will be incurred up to 8 weeks before the day of arrival. However, you will lose your deposit. In the event of cancellation after the eighth week before the day of arrival, 50% of the rental price is due. In the case of cancellations less than three weeks before the day of arrival, the entire rental price is due. Should a rental be made to another tenant, then in any case 50 € are due for the rebooking (additional workload) and, if applicable, agency commissions. I am happy to arrange travel cancellation insurance for you. In the event of force majeure, I unfortunately cannot hand over the holiday home. So if, for example, a pipe broke or the storm dismantled the window, then I cannot fulfill the lease. As far as I can, I will arrange for a replacement. However, there is no entitlement to compensation. Of course, you will get your deposit back.


Feel free to invite guests. Your guests can use the facility together with you. Guests who stay overnight become residents and must be billed according to the price list.


I am happy if you bring children with you. There is a lot to discover on Immenhagen. However, you are still responsible for looking after your children. Use of the playground equipment is at your own risk.


Well behaved animals are welcome with me. The owners are liable for any damage caused to their animals. By registering animals, you confirm that you have taken out appropriate liability insurance for the animal.

visitor's tax

I am obliged to collect the visitor's tax for the tourist administration and also pass it on.

Data protection

For the visitro's tax I am obliged to give your data to the spa administration. You agree to this transfer by concluding the contract. You also consent to your data being passed on if this is required for legal or legal reasons. Furthermore, I am allowed to save, keep and use your data for my own statistics or for information letters.

Defects during the stay

Before you move into the apartment, it has been cleaned by me or my employee and checked for defects. If something has been overlooked, please report it immediately after moving in. However, inconvenience is not a defect. If you are of the opinion that this is more than an inconvenience, i.e. that the apartment is defective, please inform me immediately so that I have the opportunity to remedy this deficiency within a reasonable period of time. I expect them to support me with the removal within reasonable limits so that possible damage is kept to a minimum. A reduction in the rental price is only possible with my consent.

Damage caused by you

It is helpful for me if you inform me immediately of any damage so that I can arrange for the damage to be rectified immediately. I reserve the right to charge you for the cost of repairing the damage.


If you or your flatmates should have a mishap, please inform me immediately so that we can coordinate the elimination and regulation and avoid consequential damage or at least keep it to a minimum. Generally speaking, they are responsible for this damage and I expect them to be settled. This also applies to their children and their animals.

Severability Clause

I have put a lot of effort into the terms and conditions. Should I still make a mistake, or a regulation should be ineffective, this should be replaced by a regulation that most closely corresponds to the meaning of the ineffective regulation. In any case, we, you and I agree that all other regulations and agreements remain unaffected.

Law and Jurisdiction

Actually, I don't want to go to court. That is why I propose a mediation process here. In any case, German law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Eutin according to § 38 Paragraph 1 ZPO.

Contract changes and additions

These are my general terms and conditions. Under these conditions, I signed the contract with you. Only if I have declared in writing that I want to deviate from these conditions, the deviation should also apply. Corresponding verbal statements must be confirmed in writing before the contract is concluded.

Malente, 03.03.2023