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Dogs & Cats

Visit us with your pet. Enjoy your holiday together with your dog or cat. We have a large garden, lots of meadows and forest around our house. Your dog should get along well with other dogs and cats as we ourselves have Jack, a purebred Griffon fauve de Bretagne and nephew of Sam, and Jim, a grandson of Sam. We also have a cat and our chickens should also respect your pet.

For your dog, we have prepared a separate feeding bowl, a blanket, dog waste bags and a welcome treat when you arrive at the holiday apartment. But of course it is best if he has his own basket with him. The holiday starts for your pet in a natural paradise away from the main roads between fields, forests and lakes in a cozy holiday apartment. The Landleben and Sonnenschein apartments have a fenced-in terrace.

There is enough space around the house to run out. Dog-friendly routes for walking and the opportunity to swim in Krummsee or Kellersee, which is within walking distance, start right at our front door. When they come back there is a dog towel ready. If your dog has really rolled in the mud, we also have a dog washing area at the house. If your dog gets "Barf" food, we also have a freezer. Please reserve a compartment in our freezer before your arrival.

"Of course you can go on holiday without a dog - it's just not worth it." (freely based on Heinz Rühmann)