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In winter, when it's freezing cold, our sauna is a lot of fun. You sweat at up to 110° C and can then cool off in the east garden. A wooden bucket for infusion water and various scented oils make your visit to the sauna a small experience. It is your personal experience, because no other guests are allowed in while you are using the sauna.

Through the glass door you can see the relaxation room from the sauna at any time. Our sauna offers space for four people on two levels. With two loungers two meters long, even tall people can lie stretched out. There are also two comfortable seats. In the relaxation area there are two sun loungers and a full body shower.

A service fee is charged per person for the sauna towel and bathrobe.


Pro Person wird für Saunatuch und Bademantel eine Servicegebühr fällig.